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Work From Home Apr 28, 2020
Everything about life was made by people, no smarter than you. And you can change it, and you can influence it.   -Steve Jobs

This particular interview of Steve Jobs resonates in so many ways even today. There’s a reason why he is still the cult hero for all budding entrepreneurs and business leaders. He was ready to be the change. The main reason why he survived the wave of ups and lows was his ability to adapt and be the harbinger of change for his future.

Typically all of us face such situations, and we could either let people tell what to do about all the affairs and let go of the regular way of our lives. Or we could take the charge to make a change in our daily lifestyle and with the help of organizations leave a mark to be recognized by everyone.

For the first time in a century, the opportunity to change the way we work and even help to improve the global environment is in our hands. Truly, we are faced by a pandemic and it’s becoming tougher as we keep fighting the situation to make this a globally safe place.

As working from home has become the norm, engaging your employees is a challenge that organizations face. It’s also a challenge for the employees to keep their momentum going and to hit the best charts for their organizations.

So let’s just say the onus is upon each one of us to adapt and to change for the better. We have the chance to make profits for the business and be sustainable at the same time. As organizations are getting busy making strategies to sustain the business, with fewer people on the roads the sustainability of the products is increasing.

The organizations are adapting to new ways of business and one of the important things is to keep the employees engaged. Here are a few points which could enable the employees as well as the organization to keep us engaged:

  1. Face-to-Face interaction.

Set aside time for face to face interaction with your employees. Conduct regular one on one meetings to know your employees’ pulse. Address them regularly to keep them updated about the organizational goals and vision. This would help in setting the expectations and even understanding how your employees are coping with the circumstances.

2. Encourage weekly team gatherings.

Encourage employees to schedule their own informal team gatherings for some casual talk. These mandatory meetings can be scheduled by the employees themselves to share what they do apart from work. Getting to know each other can bring a sense of belonging among them and also improve the happiness factor within the organization.

3. Build the office Swag at home.

Encourage the employees to designate some space for their home office. The employers may send goodies for the employees to decorate their desks. This can potentially lead to competition among the employees to create the best workspaces at home.

4. Invest in L&D

Assess your employees regularly to find out the best and perhaps dormant qualities in them. This knowledge can help you understand them better and lets you utilize talent judiciously. You may be able to use this for strategic planning of skill development, which can help with the overall growth of the company.

5. Introduce PerspectAI

Use tools and platforms such as PerspectAI to engage and understand your employees. PerspectAI is a talent assessment platform that uses games and validated psychology to assess your employees’ true potential and engage them. The assessments are on all mobile devices and are fun to take. This would engage your employees and also help you get insights on their cognitive abilities and personality, thereby helping you make strategies to help them learn and grow.

This pandemic has given us a chance to reform the work environment. It has created one of the biggest experiments in the history of mankind. The onus is on us and all our respective organizations to make use of this opportunity and improve in all sections possible. If working from home proves to be a success, we will have the chance to reduce a truckload of expenses.

Every year millions of barrels of fuel are burnt in commute to work. This induces a huge weight on the economy, and we can reduce this while working from home at our comfort and creating values. With the comfort of or homes, the organizations can Beat Covid-19 and ensure higher growth and sustainability.


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